Do you work alone or do you have a second shooter?

Sometimes I work alone but very often my assistant photographer comes with me. He helps me with the lights (if needed, especially in very dark places) and with other tasks. He always carries a camera with him and usually helps me with detail photos in the church and at the reception venue. When necessary, a second photographer can also join me. This is of great help especially when the bride and groom get ready in different locations. In addition, having a second photographer offers multiple benefits for your wedding day, such as having different views of the ceremony or party, and in general a wider coverage of the whole day.

Do you shoot group portraits?

Of course! My shooting style is reportage/candid oriented but I think group photos are somewhat necessary, at least with the closest relatives and friends. Not to forget that usually grandmothers and parents like to keep photos with the newlyweds (and often even frame them). Sometimes group photos turn out to be a fun time to spend with families and friends. It also won't take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Also, it is normal on the wedding day, due to the euphoria and sometimes the stress, to forget a lot of things. If there are some people you absolutely want to be photographed with, let me know days in advance, so I can prepare a list of portraits to take, which I will keep with me on the wedding day. Let me or my assistant take care of it.

Do you shoot detail photos?

I always shoot the detail photos, I believe these are part of the story of your wedding day, too, but of course our main target is the people. My collaborators and I always try to capture all the details, even the smallest ones, both during the preparations at home or at the hotel, in the church, and at the reception venue.

It sometimes happens due to unforeseen events (beyond our control) that there is not enough time to take pictures of all the details. In these cases we will try to do our best, but please keep in mind that we will always give priority to the people and their moments, which are in our opinion the most important things you will want to remember when you look at the wedding photos.

If there are some details that you absolutely want photographed on your wedding day, let me know well in advance and if you want, send me a detailed list as well.

Do I have to find a videographer on my own or do you have packages that also include video?

I work only as a photographer, but if you don't want to spend time searching for a videographer, I can also include video services in the package. In fact, I have been collaborating for some years now, with a team of very good videographers. They are very discreet and we work very well together, as our idea of photography is very close. Moreover in the years we teamed up, we learned to help each other during the shootings, whenever someone might have a need. If you wish, I will be happy to send you samples of their work.

Do you also print albums?

Albums and prints in general are a fundamental medium (if not the best) for the conservation of photographs. I always encourage my clients to print their wedding albums. For several years I have been collaborating with a trusted printer who prepare all my albums. The albums are hand made and bound using premium quality and durable materials. Different types of external finishes are available, in different colors. You can also choose two types of printing paper, the classic satin matte or the FineArt.

The album will be designed in a clean and classic way, without any graphic elements (colors, gradients, overlays, etc.) in order to puts the focus on your photos. In this way the album retains a contemporary look, even when fashions change in the future.

Can we choose the photos to be included in the album?

Sure! Usually for an album with 25 spreads (50 pages), I recommend choosing a total of 80/90 photos, 100 at most. You can choose all the photos for the album or if you want you can choose only the photos that you absolutely would like to have in the album, and leave the choice of the remaining photos to me.

Can you print our photographs?

Of course. Prints, are in my opinion, the best way to backup our most important memories. You can choose between prints on classic photographic paper, FineArt paper, KapaFix (foam board) and Canvas cloth (on wooden frame). These print media are also available in large sizes. 

Will you edit all the photos from our wedding or only those that will be chosen for the album?

Yes, I will edit all the photos.

I don't want my couples to receive photos without proper color correction. A photos straight out of a professional digital camera is rather dull, with very low contrast and colors.

If a person without the knowledge of photo editing sees a RAW photo (Digital Negative file) without color correction on a computer, he is unable to easily judge whether that photo would be ugly, nice or beautiful once printed.

My color correction process is divided into three stages.

Stage 1 - Culling : selection of the best shots (from all the photos taken at your wedding day). Photos with bad focus, people with eyes closed, duplicated photos, etc. will be deleted.

Stage 2 - Web & Print Ready : in this step, the basic color correction will be applied on all photos selected. The basic color correction takes into account various parameters such as general exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, vignetting and frame cropping when needed. Stage 2 images are ready to be viewed in web galleries and can also be printed (with a standard color rendering)

Stage 3 - Enhanced : only photos intended to be printed (in albums or single prints) will be enhanced in stage 3, when really needed (*). In this step, when really necessary, the photos will also be retouched in Photoshop, to eliminate disturbing elements (if easy to remove), to make small adjustments to the skin (remove the presence of redness or pimples) and finally to intensify the overall quality of the photo.

(*) note : Stage 3 is only performed on those photos for which the enhancement really makes sense or is necessary for a great results on the prints. The goal is that photos remain timeless, which is why I always avoid excessive photo processing which can lead to unnatural results (like the HDR look). Usually the photos that need to be processed in step 3 are those taken in very low light, dull cloudy day, strong backlight conditions or that simply need some retouching which is not included in the stage 2.

See below what a photo looks like in the three different stages of color correction.

How we will receive the photos?

When all the photos are ready, you will receive a link to view them in a web gallery (photos in jpeg format, web quality), a kind of mini website that can only be accessed with a password. If you want, you can send the link to your closest friends and relatives and share with them the best moments of your wedding day.

At the end, you will receive a personalized wooden box, containing a USB stick with all the photos in high quality jpeg format, without logo.

Do you backup the photos of each wedding?

Absolutely yes!!!

As soon as I get back from a wedding I immediately backup all the photographs taken, from all the cameras of all the photographers involved in the shooting (regardless of what time I return to my place - no backup, no sleep). The backup is performed on three different disks (Western Digital RED 3.5" Hard Disks) and all the digital negative files (RAWs) are kept.

Even after the final delivery to the customer, I will try to keep a backup of the RAW files and of the JPEG photos, as long as possible. But remember, the best backup is the print !

Do you only photograph weddings and baptisms?

Not only weddings!

Since I love photographing people I am very engaged in portrait photography, engagement sessions with couples, and family shooting. I'm also involved in commercial photography.

How can I book your services?

Send me an email specifying the date of the wedding, and where it will take place. I'll check my availability and if I'm free that day, we can arrange a first meeting to discuss all the details of your wedding day.

See my contact page

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